Top 10 Bars in Manayunk

1. J.D. McGillicuddy’s

111 Cotton Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19127
Telephone: 215-930-0209

J.D’s is a great bar. Just block off of main street so prices are about a dollar cheaper a drink. An internet jukebox that can be heard on the first and second floors. Venture up to the 3rd floor if you are looking for a dance floor and yet another bar. Always easy to get a drink, usually busy but not jammed so tight you can’t move. I think I like this place because no matter who you go with there is something fore everyone. Always a fun time.

2. Flat Rock Saloon

4301 Main Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19127
Telephone: 215-483-3722

The owner and head bartender who we’ve commonly referred to as “The Beard” is always there and always smiling, ready to serve you a variety of beers. They seem to have some Spaten special all the time, and usually one of your beer snob friends will talk you into getting some sort of wheat beer. You will only know the name because they always seem to match the logo of company on the glass you are drinking. The best nights here are when they try to squeeze some guy with a guitar into the smallest stage known to man. And by stage I mean a 2 foot by two foot area that is not elevated. Still a great time when the crowd gets into it. Great Atmosphere, but it could certainly be bigger. P.S. Where do those steps go in front of the bar?

3. Manayunk Brew Pub

4120 Main Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19127
Telephone: 215.482.4550

After years of drinking their house brewed beer they finally started offering Amstel light and Corona. Seems to me many girls did not like the option of only drinking their beers which are way over 6% alcohol in some cases. On the other hand guys loved it. The best thing on the menu here is the Schuylkill punch. And no I’m not talking about the beer. Usually a fight breaks out around 1am and you get so see someone get punched. On rare occasions they fall over the wall into the river, thus the Schuylkill punch. Ok, I’ve only actually seen this happen once but still every time I’m there a Schuylkill punch on the back deck is satisfying either way. Best nights are when they open the tree top lounge on the back deck and drunk people try to get into the furniture store. They don’t have a beer named “break into the furniture store” but they should.

4. Grape Room (old Social Club 105)

105 Grape St
Philadelphia, PA 19127
Telephone: 215-930-0321

Love getting the bucket of beers and claiming a table at the upstairs “lounge”. It is a cheap way of pretending you are in Las Vegas when you are in Manayunk, but hey we can’t fly to Vegas every weekend right?

5. Kildare’s

4417 Main Street,
Philadelphia,PA 19127
Telephone: 215-482-7242

You go there because your friends are there. Your friends are there because you go there. Yes, this is the paradox that is Kildare’s. Why do we have to pay $5 cover when the majority of the crowd can’t even make it up stairs to hear the band? Oh that’s right so they can ship in stuff from Ireland to be “Authentic”. Best nights are when they put that Hurling DVD on the Plasma TV’s.

6. Mad River Manayunk

4100 Main St,
Philadelphia, PA 19127

So this place was called Chemistry then shut down for like a year. Then re-opened under the brilliant name “”Grape Street”” even though it wasn’t on Grape Street. While the old bar that was actually on Grape Street became Social Club 105. Grape Street (on main street not Grape Street) failed but since the place was painted purple obviously Mad River decided to open it again, because let’s be serious all they had to do was just change the sign out front. Although I do admit it was nice to see the PSU game here instead of having to trudge all the way downtown to well Mad River. So how did it make it to number six. Well, I’ll tell you no matter what they call this place it has a huge dance floor, and a deck that they are finally starting to get right. Best nights are the ones you get there before they hit you up for a huge cover. It evens out though as the drinks are cheaper than next door at the brew pub, even with the cover you win.

7. Bayou

4245 Main Street,
Philadelphia,PA 19127
Telephone: 215.482.2560

If I had a time machine I would got back to when I was 20 and try go get into the Bayou in hopes they would take my ID and post it on the wall of shame. Then every time I went there for the next 50 years I would tell the same story. Similar to the way those guys ran onto the field when Hank Aaron hit his home run to break Babe Ruth’s Record. Hey remember that time when I was young and stupid and wanted to come here but got my ID taken. Well beyond my depression every time I enter and don’t have an ID posted on the wall this place is great. Usually a special, tables out front, a mini bar area up stairs, and a back room upstairs with a mini bar. The Manayunk Sport and Social club usually has deals going on here if you are in a league so you probably wind up here on a weekday, but it is still a great place to either start or end a night.

8. Bourbon Blue

Now why does no one every ask for a glass of Blue Bourbon. Duh, this could be their signature drink, but they don’t even have it. I always love places with a signature drink and they are tremendously dropping the ball here. Also the word of mouth would be great imagine a conversation trying to explain you had a “”Blue Bourbon, at Bourbon Blue.”” That’s just marketing 101 people. Newsflash, this may deserve moved up the list. It looks like they are sponsoring UFC fights at least for UFC 101 in Philadelphia. Making this the only bar in Manayunk to do so currently. Combine this new found nugget of information with their what seem like weekly $10 open bar in the basement, and it is starting to get better. While they have delicious food, this place is very dark especially in the basement and there are pretty much no windows. It seems like the kind of place a vampire would own and operate. Combine the dark environment with all the blood from the UFC and well you get the idea. Also the DJ in the basement seems to play that song from Blade a lot in the basement.

9. Castle Roxx

105 Shurs Lane,
Philadelphia, PA 19127
Phone: 215-482-9000

At one point we tried to figure out how we could steal the 5 foot by 5 foot Roman artwork on the wall and get it out of the building. It was deemed impossible. Also I think they are home to the hottest bartender of all time. Of course this theory only came into existence because said bartender kept a bottle opener slid into the back of her tight pants and had a great ass. So the bottle opener goes from there ass, to the part of the bottle I drink from?

10. Pitchers Pub

4328 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127
If bars were movies this would be Fight Club. The clientele here cook your meals, haul your trash, connect your calls, and drive your ambulances. They guard you while you sleep. Do not… fuck with them. But if one wanted to share a drink with them you could do it here. If one were so inclined.”

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